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Wittman Supports the CARES Act

WASHINGTON – Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) released this statement following the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Although the measure passed by voice vote, if a roll call was requested, he would have voted in favor. 

“We are in both a public health crisis and an economic crisis. Congress needed to act – swiftly and decisively. I am proud to support the CARES Act because it does what is necessary to stabilize our economy, protect American families, and provide our health care workers the resources they need to continue to fight this battle. This legislation will make a big difference. It provides resources for hospitals that are running low on supplies, it provides American families with direct payment, it provides the necessary funding for telehealth services, and it provides businesses -- especially small businesses -- the resources to stay afloat and keep their employees on the payroll.

“Although not perfect, it was critical that we act quickly to get this next phase of aid to the American people. I believe we need to do whatever we can for the American family, worker, and small business until we are past this. Our combined action as individuals, communities, states, and as a nation is what makes America great. Together, we will beat this. Together, we will win this war. I have no doubt in my mind that America's best days are ahead of us. My faith in America and its citizens will never waiver. We will get through this the only way we can – together.”

You can view the Congressman’s remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives here. The full, final text of the CARES Act can be found here and click here for a section by section summary

Congressman Wittman has been working constantly from the onset of the outbreak to keep constituents up to date on breaking information. He has been contacting constituents through telephone town hall meetings, daily emails, social media, and phone calls. Constituents should visit his specific coronavirus resources webpage ( to access a whole host of resources ranging from how to apply for unemployment, how to apply for a small business loan, and ideas to educate and entertain children while they are out of school.