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Environmental Conservation

Click here to get the most up to date information about my views and work on defense issues.We absolutely must work to safeguard our environment, and I have spent my career fighting to protect our waters, parks, and forests so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. As a member of the House National Resources Committee, I am working across the aisle to ensure we preserve the public lands Americans love to visit, explore, fish, hunt, and enjoy wildlife for generations to come.

We need to focus on ways we can address climate change, while promoting economic prosperity. I want clean air, water, and environmental protection, but those things do not have to be achieved at the expense of jobs, prosperity, and national security. We can protect our environment by promoting policies that encourage clean energy such as nuclear, hydropower, natural gas, wind, and solar power. These sources of energy are readily available within America, which ensures our energy independence, allowing us to rely on our own citizens to power our country. The American energy industry creates jobs, lowers the cost of gas and electricity for hard-working families, and advances American interests on the global stage.

The Chesapeake Bay is critical to the environmental and economic health of our region and the Commonwealth. As Co-Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Caucus and Co-Chair of the Congressional Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caucus, I will continue to work to conserve our natural resources and encourage responsible stewardship of our land, water, and wildlife. I have led the effort to maintain the Chesapeake Bay Program and advocated for funding when cuts were suggested, and my Chesapeake Bay Accountability and Recovery Act (2015) was signed into law to help with cleanup efforts. Additionally, I have introduced a bill that would better prepare Virginia cities for coastal flooding, a bill that supports our nation’s wildlife, and another bill that protects our wetlands.

As a lifelong conservationist, I am committed to the conservation of our public lands, wetlands, and vast natural resources.

Click here to get the most up to date information about my views and work on environmental issues.