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Health Care

Before serving in Congress, I earned a master’s degree in public health and spent 27 years working for the Virginia Department of Health. The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the importance of not only focusing on public health but also the need to fix our broken healthcare system. 

Every American has the right to access affordable and comprehensive health care coverage for themselves and their family but today, families are struggling to do so. I believe we must reform our healthcare system to provide quality, affordable healthcare to every American. I support a plan that: protects the vulnerable – especially those with pre-existing conditions; empowers individuals with greater control over their health care choices and dollars; and personalizes health care to meet individual needs and reduce premiums, deductibles, and the overall cost of health care. We should focus on patient-provider centered reforms: I want to ensure you have the option to see a doctor of your choice and that you can keep our health insurance if you like it. Individuals and families should have the ability to make decisions for themselves based on what best fits their needs, wants, and budget - not what is dictated by the Government. 

We must look for ways to expand choices for consumers and ensure the public can access coverage and enhance transparency in our healthcare system. As co-chair of the Public Health Caucus in Congress, it is my duty to bring attention to public health and prevention issues and support federal policies that result in improved overall health for citizens across the United States. I am committed to protecting Virginians and raising awareness about how public health issues impact lives and communities.