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Our current immigration system is broken. America is a nation of immigrants, but those wishing to enter our country need to come here legally - we are a nation of laws and must continue to keep America safe. Our approach to combating illegal immigration must be comprehensive and include permanently securing our border, enforcing the rule of law, and reforming the current processes. 

Current rules incentivize illegal behavior and don’t prioritize the needs of America’s economy. To keep America strong and prosperous, we will need an immigration system that works for the American people. This includes taking the necessary steps to deter people from coming to our country illegally by requiring employers to utilize E-Verify systems to confirm that all future hires are eligible to work in the United States; ending chain migration by eliminating extended visa categories that allow U.S. citizens to sponsor extended, non-nuclear family members; and the visa-lottery system, that grants green cards through a random lottery with no regard to work experience or educational background, with a merit-based system instead.