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One of my priorities in Congress is making sure our borders are secure. Moreover, I am focused on ensuring that our nation’s current immigration laws are enforced, immigration programs work properly, and the temporary worker visa program is overhauled so that it works better for both employers and documented workers. I strongly believe we need to enforce our current laws while ensuring that we do not reward those who have broken our laws.

Essentially, the challenge of immigration reform today is balancing the needs of employers to increase the supply of foreign workers who come to this country legally, the interest of families to live together, the desire of some unauthorized aliens to gain a legal status, and the demand that all migrants comply with the rule of law. I certainly understand people want to come to this country to provide a better future for their families, but I strongly believe that those immigrants who do come must arrive legally. We should do all we can to prevent unlawful entry into our country and fraudulent use of our taxpayer-funded government programs.

It is imperative that immigration reform is a legislative priority in the 115th Congress and I will do all I can to address this difficult problem facing our nation. Proposed elements of immigration reform I support have included increased border security and immigration enforcement, improved employment eligibility verification, revision of legal immigration, and options to address the millions of unauthorized immigrants currently residing in the country that do not include blanket amnesty.

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