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Opinion Pieces by Rob

Addressing rural transportation challenges in coastal Virginia

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Virginia’s 1st District encompasses some of the most unique transportation challenges in the country. From congested highways to strained commuter rail systems and deteriorating roads and bridges to sediment-filled waterways, our infrastructure faces significant hurdles. This is particularly evident in Virginia’s Northern Neck and the Middle Peninsula, where residents depend heavily on a…

Rob Wittman: Investing in STEM bolsters Virginia education, economy

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Tags: Education

Driven by decades of technological advancements that have drastically altered the trajectory of education and workforce development systems, Virginia stands at the forefront of the shift toward science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The commonwealth is prepared to propel American innovation to new heights through a world-class education system and innovative industries.…

Rob Wittman: Standing with Israel: A call for action and solidarity

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I was horrified to learn of the terrorist invasion of Israel earlier this month. Like so many of you, I am heartbroken by the unspeakable violence against Israeli civilians at the hands of Hamas. We have witnessed gut-wrenching images of this terrorist group’s brutality that has left families torn, babies parentless and innocent civilians missing. Hamas has continued their bloodshed and…

The Army needs a near-term strategy for the 2020s

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The U.S. Army must move faster to deter near-term threats. Although the Army has a strategy to modernize the force by 2030, that is just seven years away and potentially four years too late if the Chinese Communist Party attempts to retake Taiwan by force by 2027, as our military commanders suggest. To effectively deter Chinese President Xi Jinping, the U.S. Army must develop a clear and…

Bringing Virginia jobs, manufacturing and a strong supply chain

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In recent years, the United States has witnessed a shift in global trade dynamics and supply chain vulnerabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed the risks of relying heavily on foreign suppliers for critical goods and materials. It is now more crucial than ever that we prioritize domestic manufacturing and strengthen our supply chains to ensure our nation’s economic and national…

Embracing the 21st-century atomic energy age

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Tags: Energy

As the United States grapples with the challenges of energy production, economic growth, and national security, the time has come to unleash the true potential of nuclear energy. Increased zero-carbon emission nuclear power is necessary for an “all of the above” domestic energy solution to the 21st century’s environmental and energy challenges.  Virginia, a longtime leader in…

Rob Wittman: August recess? Congress must stay until the work is done

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Since the beginning of the 118th Congress, House Republicans have made great strides in reducing government spending, addressing the crisis at the southern border, rolling back burdensome regulations, and supporting domestic energy production. Although we have made significant progress in addressing these critical issues, there is still much work to be done. With only a few legislative…

Wittman: Why manned-unmanned teaming could be the Fourth Offset for America’s military

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In the early 2000s, Congress tracked a rising discussion in defense circles about the extent to which a revolution in the character of war — driven by technological advancement — would shape how war is fought in the future. By the early 2010s, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work introduced the concept of the “third offset” strategy, urging the US military to…

Rob Wittman: Military Spending is Key to Virginia’s Economy

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As vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, I often get asked by my constituents why my work on the committee matters directly to Virginians. My answer is twofold: The work we do on HASC serves the large population of veterans, active-duty service members and their families throughout the commonwealth, and a strong national defense directly and indirectly fuels Virginia’s…

Lessons Congress has learned one year into the Ukraine war

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One year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, which began a ground war in Europe not seen at this scale in over 70 years. This simultaneous land, sea and air assault rocked not only Ukraine itself, but the West’s understanding of the global balance of power. The 118th Congress must adjust to this new reality. We learned lessons over the past year; we must not be forced to learn them…