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Poll: What do you care about?
October 18, 2017
Hi Friend- I am fully dedicated to representing the constituents of the First District. I will continue to work hard to ensure that Veterans receive t... More
Press Releases
Congress must do its job
October 18, 2017
Friend- I feel strongly that one of Congress’ duties to the American people is to pass a comprehensive budget; in fact, I once again introduced legisl... More
Press Releases
My view: Replacing the Air Force One fleet literally takes an act of Congress
October 18, 2017
Dear Friend- I just wrote an op-ed that was published in Defense News on Congress' role in the oversight and replacement of Air Force One. There is bi... More
Press Releases
I Will Continue to Fight for Federal Employees
October 17, 2017
Hi Friend- Knowing your interest in the issues facing federal employees, I wanted to take a moment a speak with you about the budget proposal the Hous... More
Weekly Updates
Weekly Update: Wildlife Refuges
October 16, 2017
Weekly Update: Wildlife Refuges By Rob Wittman October 14, 2017 It’s marked by a sign bearing a flying goose. Behind this sign is a sanctuary; a sanct... More
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