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Ensuring American energy independence is critical to the United States’ economic stability, growth, and security. The American energy industry creates jobs, lowers the cost of gas and electricity for hard-working families, and advances American interests on the global stage. 

I believe that we must secure responsible energy independence that puts America first. A comprehensive energy strategy includes both development of onshore and offshore conventional and renewable sources of energy. Virginia is leading the way in low carbon energy from nuclear power and offshore wind.

We must work together to protect our environment and as a member of the Renewable Energy Caucus, I know investing in clean, reliable energy – like nuclear, hydropower, natural gas, wind, solar, and carbon capture – is a great place to start. America must also invest in its national pipeline network and diversify its oil and gas supply in order to be prepared for potential energy emergencies in the future. Concerns over fuel supply highlight the need to invest in our nation’s infrastructure to make a more robust and secure energy future possible. We need more opportunities for reliable energy – not fewer. 

We must return to an America First energy strategy that focuses on an all-of-the-above energy approach that will create American jobs and lower household energy costs for American families.

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