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Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus
As a Co-chair of the caucus, I share three main objectives: to build a venue for Members to discuss shipbuilding issues that impact their districts, to work together with other Members to support increased shipbuilding efforts for the United States Navy that will enhance our national security, and to improve awareness regarding shipbuilding matters across Capitol Hill. Our Caucus provides a forum for Members of Congress, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officers, and industry leaders to exchange views on the current and future states of domestic shipbuilding.

Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus
As a member of the Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, I am working with my fellow Members to defend the sanctity of life. The shared mission of this Caucus is to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund the abortion industry and that health care providers can continue to live out their convictions without the fear of discrimination from the government.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caucus (Co-Chair)
The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caucus brings together multiple partners to chart a path forward in Congress for the Chesapeake Bay. As Co-Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Caucus, my priorities include restoring the Bay by addressing issues pertaining to conservation, funding, restoration, and raising awareness of these issues to other Members of Congress.

Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus
To better prepare our future workforce, we must promote Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to cultivate the required skill sets to succeed in a 21st-century job market. The Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus’ purpose is to advocate for CTE programs for all ages, and as a member of this Caucus, I share the priorities of prioritizing workforce development and increasing access to dual enrollment CTE training courses so students can work towards credentials while still in high school.

Congressional Public Health Caucus (Co-Chair)
As Co-Chair of the Congressional Public Health Caucus, my shared priority is to support federal policies that will result in the improvement of the overall health of the American people. This Caucus provides a platform for Members of Congress to discuss information related to public health challenges and corresponding solutions.

Congressional Rural Broadband Caucus (Co-Chair)
As Co-Chair of the Congressional Rural Broadband Caucus, I’m working with fellow Members to ensure our nation’s rural and unserved populations have the telecommunication resources to participate in a 21st century digital world. This bipartisan Caucus aims to educate and facilitate discussions amongst Members of Congress to close the digital divide between urban and rural communities across the nation.

Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus (Co-Chair)
Our nation’s wildlife refuges are incredibly important in protecting America’s fish, wildlife, and plants. As Co-Chair of the Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus, my priority is to preserve the National Wildlife Refuge System by raising awareness of our nation’s refuges among Members of Congress and promote legislation to improve the Refuge system.

Conservative Climate Caucus
As a member of the Conservative Climate Caucus, I have the shared belief that the global climate is changing and that we can address these changes with innovative technologies and free market solutions. This caucus provides a platform for House Republicans to discuss climate policies and legislation that are in line with conservative values and actively defends against radical progressive climate proposals that would weaken our economy and national security.

Public Shipyard Caucus (Co-Chair)
I’m proud to serve as Co-Chair of the Public Shipyard Caucus to support our nation’s four public shipyards – Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Washington, and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Hawaii. Our Caucus serves as a venue to find solutions to public shipyard issues, increase stakeholder support for public shipyards, and raise awareness of their importance to Congress.

House Suburban Caucus (Co-Chair)
As Co-Chair of the House Suburban Caucus, I am working diligently to address the top issues facing suburban America. This Caucus advocates for common-sense policies that positively impact the quality of life including: educational opportunities for children, accessible and affordable health care, financial security, and stable and safe communities.