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Family Values

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As a member of the Values Action Team and the Pro-Life Caucus in the House of Representatives I am committed to working hard for families in the First District by upholding family values.

I feel that the right to religious freedom and free speech is a moral necessity that is the very basis of any free society. Freedom of religion and the freedom of speech are inalienable rights. I believe it is essential we must work to preserve the right for individuals to practice any religion of one’s choice, and to do this without government control.

Further, as a child of adoption, I will continue to support pro-life, pro-family legislation, and adoption programs. I believe our nation’s laws must protect the vulnerable and the weak, whether they are elderly, disabled, or unborn.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that adoption isn’t a partisan issue. We can all agree that the most vulnerable members of our community deserve a place to call home and a place to find and reach their full potential. That is why I introduced the Adoption Information Act.This bill would require family planning services to provide pamphlets containing contact information of adoption centers to a person receiving family planning services at the time the person inquires about abortion services. A family planning services project’s eligibility to receive federal grants or contracts through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would be contingent upon the execution of this requirement.

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