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Transportation is an issue that affects all of us. I commute back and forth from Montross to Washington when Congress is in session, and I am very aware of the transportation problems in every area of the First District.  I believe it’s time we work to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

I support the increased use of commuter rail to get more cars off the road. I also support public-private partnerships to invest in transportation infrastructure. I believe federal, state and local transportation efforts need to be coordinated, and that federal funds need to be directed at projects supported by the Community Transportation Boards. I look forward to working to secure additional federal funding for projects in the Commonwealth and ensuring that Virginia receives a higher rate-of-return on the money it puts into the Highway Trust Fund. I am also concerned about the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund and believe we need to look at ways to restructure it. Additionally, I will work to leverage federal dollars under the Defense Access Road Program for road improvements around military installations that are slated for expansion. I've also been working with Transportation Secretary Chao and Virginia Transportation Secretary Valentine to find innovative financing solutions to replace the Norris Bridge.

I also believe a that as Congress considers infrastructure legislation, we must address broadband infrastructure for rural Virginia. Since I came to Congress, I’ve been working with key regional stakeholders and government officials to expand broadband access for unserved areas of Virginia. Free-market forces, public-private partnerships, and policies that encourage investment will play a critical role in getting high speed internet to communities across the First District. If we can bring those who have been left behind up to speed, there is great potential to unleash economic growth and improve many people's' quality of life.
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