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Wittman Tours Visiting Angels In-Home Care Facility to Examine Employment Crisis

The Employment Crisis Disrupts Critical Services Relied Upon by Millions

KILMARNOCK, VA- Today, Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) toured Visiting Angels, an in-home health facility located in Kilmarnock, VA, to personally speak with those affected by the employment crisis. This crisis has caused a shortage of caregivers in Virginia. In the 7 counties supported by Visiting Angels (Northumberland, Lancaster, Middlesex, Mathews, Gloucester, Richmond, Essex), 33% of the population are senior citizens. Visiting Angels could potentially double the number of clients they support, but are unable to fill dozens of job openings. 

“Visiting Angels is yet another example of the far-reaching consequences of the ongoing employment crisis,” said Rep. Wittman. “This crisis is not only impacting businesses such as Visiting Angels, but disrupting critical services relied upon by millions of Americans. We must get Americans back to work as we strive to build an economy that is pro-family, pro-worker, and most of all, pro-American.” 

 “Each round of extended unemployment benefits has hurt our recruitment efforts. As we are unable to hire additional staff, we are unable to care for additional seniors in our area” said Jennifer Bowhey, Director of Visiting Angels. “As a result, their families are forced to exhaust themselves in order to care for their loved ones. Meanwhile, our current employees continue to be overworked, missing out on time with their own families and potentially placed at risk of developing health problems of their own.”

8 million Americans remain unemployed despite 10 million job openings, per the August Jobs Report. And according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), 50% of small businesses were unable to fill job openings, a record high for the NFIB’s monthly jobs report. 

According to Director Jennifer Bowhey, Visiting Angels was ineligible for the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program due to a recent acquisition. Visiting Angels employs 3 veterans, 14 receiving public assistance, and 13 senior citizens. Each of Visiting Angels’ clients requires 7-10 employees in order to maintain 24-hour coverage.

For 8 consecutive years, Visiting Angels has been rated in the top 10th percentile for homecare companies in the United States by Homecare Pulse. These awards were based on continual positive customer feedback obtained through third party surveys. Visiting Angels in Kilmarnock also employs Yolanda Lee, who was previously recognized as the 2nd best caregiver in the nation. She was also recognized by Kilmarnock’s Mayor and Sheriff after her diligence saved a patient’s life.