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Weekly Update: Securing the Border

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Washington, June 25, 2018 | comments
Weekly Update: Securing the Border
By Congressman Wittman
June 25, 2018

Our current immigration system is broken and we need strong, serious changes to our current laws. We are a nation of laws and we must continue to keep Americans safe, and although America is also a nation of immigrants, people need to come here legally. We cannot continue to allow human traffickers, dangerous gangs like MS-13, and illegal drugs to take advantage of our southern border. Our approach to combating illegal immigration must be comprehensive and include securing our border, enforcing the rule of law, and address DACA recipients. To keep America strong and prosperous, we need an immigration system that works for the American people.

Last week, I voted in favor of the Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760. Before anything else, we must secure our borders. H.R. 4760 would authorize $24.8 billion for the construction of a border wall, utilize advanced technology, implement a biometric entry-exit system, and add thousands of border patrol agents. The Securing America’s Future Act would deter illegal immigration by eliminating chain migration, mandating the use of E-verify, and ending the visa-lottery program. This bill also would combat asylum fraud, provide a fix for DACA recipients, and crack down on sanctuary cities.

Unfortunately, the Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760 failed to pass the House by a vote of 193 to 231. Immigration reform is not an easy task, yet a solution is not out of reach.

As I have said before, I am against separating families at the border. President Trump has taken the first steps to remedy this issue, but Congress still must act. I believe we must consider legislation that would keep families together when they are apprehended trying to cross the border illegally. We must encourage families seeking asylum to enter through a port of entry, instead of crossing a dangerous border. We need to address our illegal immigration crisis, and I stand ready and willing to come to a solution that puts Americans first.
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