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Wittman Joins Fox Business to Discuss Threat of China-Russia Cooperation, Ukraine Funding, Record Inflation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business today to discuss the alarming increase in cooperation between China and Russia, transparency and accountability in support for Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked invasion, and the Biden administration’s failure to help American families facing rising grocery and gas prices due to record inflation.

On the Biden administration’s failed economic agenda:

“It's clear Bidenomics for American families means spend more and get less. You saw the numbers there. From a year ago, July to today, [an over] 3% increase in groceries and energy costs for American families. We see the $10 trillion of spending in the Inflation Reduction Act has resulted in record inflation. Ronald Reagan said, ‘governments don't create economic growth — people do.’ American families are experiencing runaway inflation, and they say that their dollars aren't going as far as they once did. And that is having a severe effect on American families.

It’s done nothing. In fact, if you not only look at food prices, but you look at fuel prices, the average fuel price today is $3.84 a gallon across the United States, almost $1.40 greater than when Joe Biden came into office. Bidenomics is doing nothing to help the average American family deal with these increasing prices. In fact, I argue it has actually added to inflation.”

On China and Russia’s increasing cooperation:

“We need to be very concerned about this growing relationship between China and Russia. I can tell you that they mean what they say when Xi Jinping talks about having his military ready by 2027 to take Taiwan, we need to take him seriously. That means we have to really focus on our relationships with countries in the Indo-Pacific. In fact, I just got back this morning from visiting with countries there to make sure that our relationships are strong because we're going to need that in order to deter China. They're very serious about this. And I can tell you, leadership in the executive branch needs to call this for what this is. This is an incredibly serious threat, and you cannot underplay it, and you cannot believe that capitulating to Xi Jinping somehow is going to change his behavior. It's not – he means exactly what he says. And that is he is going to be prepared to take Taiwan by 2027.” 

On President Biden’s supplemental funding request:

“I want to understand the proposal they have for dollars going to Ukraine. Listen, I am adamantly in support of helping Ukraine against this unprovoked attack from Russia. But I want to make sure we understand where every dollar is going there. I've been at the forefront of making sure that those dollars reflect transparency and accountability. There shouldn't be a blank check going to Ukraine and there should be a reflection of the priorities of this nation — first and foremost — with these proposals that come to us from the White House. And it's pretty obvious that this one does not reflect what the priorities of this nation should be.” 

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