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Wittman Joins Bipartisan Legislation to Improve Mental Health Care for U.S. Servicemembers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This month, Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) joined his colleagues in introducing multiple bipartisan bills that improve mental health care and services for U.S. servicemembers. The introduced bills include the Sailor Standard Care Act and the Servicemembers’ Mental Health Improvement Act, and the reintroduction of the Comforting Our Families through On-base or Remote Treatment (COMFORT) Act.

“The mental health and well-being of our nation’s servicemembers is essential to ensuring their quality of life during and after their time of service,” said Congressman Wittman. “Our servicemembers experience incredible challenges while defending our nation, which often takes a toll on their mental health. By improving mental health care and access for our servicemembers and their families, we can provide the level of care they need and deserve. I’m proud to be leading the effort in improving the mental health care of our servicemembers, and I thank my colleagues for their work and collaboration in ensuring our nation’s warfighters are safe and healthy.”

Sailor Standard Care Act: Increases mental health resources and requires mental health screening for sailors assigned to limited duty, addresses challenges servicemembers and their families face accessing mental health care through TRICARE, implements a quality-of-life tracker, and expedites the Navy’s medical separation process. Lead by Rep. Kiggans (VA-02).

Servicemembers’ Mental Health Improvement Act: Develops and provides recommendations for a comprehensive strategy to address mental health issues across the Department of Defense (DoD) by establishing a mental health task force within the DoD. Lead by Rep. Kilmer (WA-06).

COMFORT Act: Authorizes non-medical counseling services to a member of the Armed Forces and their dependents by a mental health professional regardless of the location of the provider or recipient. Lead by Rep. Slotkin (MI-07).