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Wittman's Weekly: Why I Serve


Representing the folks of Virginia’s First District and advocating on their behalf in Washington is one of my greatest honors. 

Just like you, I do not live in Washington, D.C. I live in Montross, Virginia, where I drive home every day to the same home I purchased in 1985 with my wife, Kathryn.  When I am out in the district with constituents, I pass my kids’ homes where they live with my six grandchildren. I drive by the middle school in Hanover where my mom worked as a schoolteacher. I drive through Leedstown where I worked at a tomato cannery and Reedville where I worked on a fishing boat on the Northern Neck.

Whether out at the hardware store, getting groceries, filling up my gas tank, I am constantly seeing and meeting those I represent in Washington. It is because of this ability to be with these folks daily that I am constantly reminded of the experiences and people that have driven my passion for public service.

My mother was a schoolteacher and my father served in the Army in World War II – from a young age I was raised understanding the importance of hard work, dedication, and public service.

I serve not only because of my upbringing, but also because of folks like you. Because of your willingness to share your concerns, insights, and thoughts about what you think our government should and should not be doing to improve our nation. I serve because I want to do my part in ensuring we have a strong economy that supports our small businesses and hardworking families to succeed. I serve to support our law enforcement and men and women in uniform who put others before themselves daily. I serve because, as a parent, I understand that it is parents and families, not the government, that know what is best for their children in order to be prepared for the workforce of tomorrow.

I believe that what we see in Washington today is an example of where differences are highlighted, but I serve because I believe we all have much more in common than any of us realize. And it is through this common ground where we can achieve real results.

Bottom line, I believe we were put on this earth to contribute to our communities and neighbors in a positive way. This is why I serve.

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