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Weekly Updates

Wittman's Weekly: House Suburban Caucus

Here in the First District we have both rural and suburban areas - each have their own unique challenges. Suburban areas across the country are expanding. Studies show that most all of the population growth in our top 50 metropolitan areas comes directly from growth in the suburbs and it is critical that Congress respond to their issues. That is why this week I joined with my colleagues to restart the Suburban Caucus - to fight for these suburban families.

Our new Caucus will address the challenges faced by folks living and working in suburban America. As millennials age and balk at the inconveniences and expenses of urban life—especially urban life with children—they are following in their parent’s footsteps and choosing to live in suburban communities. But despite record economic growth during the last few years, many of these young suburban families are struggling to juggle student loans, housing prices, retirement savings, and childcare costs. We have taken their concerns to heart and come to the same conclusion: Republicans must articulate a forward-thinking platform that prioritizes household issues and strengthens our suburban communities.

The Suburban Caucus will be rolling out a member-driven agenda that will improve quality of life in suburban areas across America. We have already introduced legislation to protect patients with preexisting conditions; allow Americans to save more money tax-free for health care and dependent care; make the child tax credit permanent and expand it to pregnant moms; expand the use of 529 education savings accounts; incentivize states and localities to repeal onerous laws that make housing less affordable; lower prescription drug costs; end surprise medical billing; participate in apprenticeship programs; address the soaring burden of student loans; and address mental health issues that impact our communities. We recognize that suburban areas are desirable because they offer common spaces and services that can improve family life. To that end, we have offered legislation that would help strengthen school safety, address gun violence, clean up recreational spaces and national parks, support industry-led clean energy options, and alleviate homelessness.

I will be chairing the Task Force on Better Infrastructure for our Future. We will be addressing some of the issues that are most important to suburban Americans: less congestion on major commuter roads, reliable passenger rail, and safer, more efficient transportation solutions; as well ensuring all have access to quality high speed internet. Utilizing the public-private-partnerships will improve Americans’ quality of life and provide new opportunities for small businesses to grow and expand. We will be laser focused on forward-thinking policy solutions that solve the day-to-day challenges facing America’s suburban families. Whether you are teleworking, taking the VRE, or traveling on I-95, I-66, or I-64 – we are working to make your work day easier.

Americans are tired of partisan politics and instead are looking for action on this issues they care about. As a Congress, we must ensure the next generation of Americans are able to achieve their own American Dream.  I’m working with my colleagues to make that a reality for the First District.