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VOTE: Lowering prescription drug prices

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Washington, June 1, 2018 | comments

During my Healthcare Listening Tour, meetings with individual constituents, constituent groups, health care providers, and other stakeholders in the district, I have continually heard one thing—the cost of prescription drugs is far too high.

Fortunately, this administration has signaled that they are committed to lowering prescription drug listing prices and taking the burden of cost off of the consumer.

On Friday, May 11th, President Trump vowed to “bring soaring drug prices back down to earth.” To do this, the President announced the administration would be allowing Medicare Part D—Medicare’s private prescription drug plans—to negotiate lower prices, target Pharmacy Benefit Managers, speed up the FDA approval of over-the-counter drugs, work with foreign countries to assume some of the additional costs associated with drug development, and make it easier to pharmacists to advise their patients on cheaper alternatives.

Both President Trump and I remain committed to making sure the American people are getting a fair deal on the prescription drugs. That is why I want to take a moment and get your opinion on the issue.

Do you think this is a good first step in lowering prescription drug prices?
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I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Your opinion helps me shape my thinking as I represent you in Washington.


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