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Poll: President Trump and Kim Jong Un

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Washington, March 14, 2018 | comments

As you may know, at the beginning of the 115th Congress, I was named the Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces; in this role, I have been fortunate enough to tour the Pacific region accompanied by key diplomatic and military leaders. During our discussions one thing has become clear, North Korea must abdicate its nuclear weapons program and end its isolationist worldview if there is to be peace in the Pacific region.
That being said, our ongoing global maximum pressure campaign is beginning to yield positive results. And while North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said he is committed to denuclearization, the global maximum pressure campaign will continue until North Korea’s actions match their words.
Additionally, you may be aware of the recent discussion concerning diplomatic talks between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. There have been concerns raised that by accepting Kim Jong Un’s invitation to meet, President Trump is giving the North Korean dictator the legitimacy that comes from standing as an equal beside the leader of the free world. On the other hand, negotiations concerning the denuclearization of North Korea appear to be a step in the right direction. After all, an exchange of words is almost always preferable to an exchange of fire.

Given all of this, I want to know what you think. Do you think a summit meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un is in America’s best interests?
I don’t know
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I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Your opinion helps me shape my thinking as I represent you in Washington.

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