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Wittman Supports Funding Measure that Funds Military Through FY18

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Washington, February 6, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) voted "yes" on the H.R. 1892 – Further Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act. The bill extends existing discretionary appropriations at current levels through March 23, 2018 and includes $659.2 billion in full-year, FY18 funding for the Department of Defense.

"On principle, I do not support continuing resolutions (CRs) as a way to fund our government. CRs continue to be problematic for the operations of our government, especially our nation’s defense. Although this is another CR, this funding measure includes full-year, FY18 funding for the Department of the Defense. The world is an increasingly dangerous place and, having assessed those threats, we must provide the stable funding necessary to ensure we can defeat our adversaries and keep America safe. We cannot continue to hold our military hostage. Today I cast my vote in favor of giving our Sailors, Airman, Soldiers, and Marines the resources they need to be successful in their missions. This is now the fourth time I have voted to fully fund our troops for FY2018.

“Today, Secretary of Defense James Mattis testified before the House Armed Services Committee. He told the committee that our men and women in uniform are putting their lives on the line despite Congress’s inability to provide stable funding. He also said that our nation’s military has been operating under continuing resolutions for more than 1,000 days in the last decade. This is inexcusable. Today’s bill fully funds our military for the remaining portion of this budget year which is crucial to our national security. It is imperative that we provide stable funding for our Armed Forces and we did that today in the House. To my Senate colleagues – I urge you to do the same.”

H.R. 1892 also allows for a 2.4% pay raise for our troops and provides extensions for important health care programs, including a two-year extension on funding Community Health Centers.

Congressman Rob Wittman represents the 1st District of Virginia. He serves on the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, where he is the Chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.

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