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Veterans of Virginia's First District

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Washington, November 13, 2017 | comments

We stop and give pause on Veterans Day to honor those that have answered our nation’s call to arms.

Virginia’s First District is rich with military history, and is home to one of the largest veteran populations the country. I hope you take the time this Veterans Day to talk with a veteran and learn more about their service. Whether it is Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsmen their support for this nation is steadfast, their determination to see a mission through is unwavering, and their integrity and selflessness are undying. America is who she is today because of them. They have helped liberate the oppressed and kept us safe at home. In short, thank you!

In advance of Veterans Day, I asked you send me your photos and anecdotes from your family and friends in Virginia's 1st District . I am humbled to receive the pictures and stories of past and current service members. Your stories and the stories of your loved ones are truly inspirational.

Click here to see the veterans of Virginia's First District.

It's an honor to serve you and Virginia's First District in the People's House.



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