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Wittman Statement on Delay of House Health Care Vote

WASHINGTON - Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) today released the following statement on the House leadership’s decision to delay a vote on the American Health Care Act (H.R. 1628).

"The American people want Obamacare repealed and replaced, as I have voted more than 60 times to do. What the American people don't want is a replacement that is only a slight improvement over the ACA. This legislation did not immediately reduce costs and left in place too many of the regulations responsible for driving up costs under Obamacare. Most critically, this legislation did not fulfill the promise to expand choices, increase access to care, and bring down the cost of health care.

"I think it was the right decision to pull the bill because clearly more time must be taken to get it right. I do believe that we can enact meaningful health care reforms with free market solutions that put the patient and health care provider back at the center of our health care system, but this bill was not the right answer."

Congressman Rob Wittman represents the 1st District of Virginia. He serves on the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, where he is the Chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.