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State Department - Visas



The United States Consulate or Embassy in the applicant’s home country has sole jurisdiction in approving or denying non-immigrant visa petitions. One of the main reasons that non-immigrant visas are denied is because in the opinion of the interviewing officer, the applicant was unable to demonstrate significant enough ties to his or her homeland which would evidence an intent to return to his or her home country after their stay in the U.S. Denials based on this reason are not subject to appeal or reconsideration. 

My office is always available to assist you with issues that you may be experiencing with your visa petition. If you cannot find the answer to your questions and would like for my office to contact the Department of State on your behalf, please complete the attached Privacy Release Form and staff will be happy to provide you with all possible assistance.


Casework is handled in my district offices and is assigned according to location.


Glen Allen District Office

4201 Dominion Blvd

Suite 110

Glen Allen, VA 23060

(804) 401-4120 – telephone;    (804) 270-4643 – fax

Tappahannock District Office

508 Church Lane (P.O. Box 3106)

Tappahannock, VA  22560

(804) 443-0668 – telephone;  (804) 443-0671 – fax