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What matters most to you?

Hi Friend- Americans spoke louder than ever to say: Washington needs to change the way it does business and I agree. I am fully dedicated to representing the constituents of the First District. I will continue to work hard to ensure that Ve...Read More


An update on my health care listening to...

Friends - Knowing that many of you share my concern and interest in health care policies and public health, I wanted to update you on my recent work in this crucial area. Public health is one of my top priorities as I serve you in Congress....Read More


A preview of my chairmanship

Friend - I wanted you to see my most recent interview with DefenseNews on what the priorities of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee will look like for this Congress. As Chairman, I will immediately focus our efforts on supporti...Read More


Reps. Wittman, Thompson Urge Extension o...

WASHINGTON - Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA-1) and Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA-5) today introduced legislation critical for wetlands conservation efforts. The bill would reauthorize funding for the popular North American Wetlands Conserv...Read More


Building our Navy to improve national se...

When you turn on the news at night or check the headlines on your smart phone, you may notice that in nearly every region of the world events are unfolding that could have a profound impact on the safety of our nation. Indeed, one thing alw...Read More


Protecting your retirement savings

Knowing of your interest in business and our economy, I wanted to update you on actions taking place in Washington to help hard-working Americans save for retirement. Last year the Department of Labor (DOL) issued the “Fiduciary Rule,” plac...Read More


Privacy matters don't you think?

We all like our privacy and the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees it. However it’s not hard to see that the world around us is evolving. Technology gives us the opportunity to better ourselves and the communities in which...Read More


An update for federal employees

In my last message to you, the federal employees of Virginia's First Congressional District, I promised that I would engage with the groups and leaders that represent your interests. Today I wanted to send you a brief update on those effort...Read More


Bipartisan Virginia Delegation Introduce...

Federal recognition would grant Virginia’s tribes legal standing and status in relationships with the U.S. government WASHINGTON - U.S. Congressmen Rob Wittman (R-01), Bobby Scott (D-03), Gerry Connolly (D-11), Don Beyer (D-08), and Scott T...Read More


Putting your security first

The safety and security of Virginians is my greatest concern and top priority. We must never forget that there are individuals, groups, and indeed, entire countries that seek to do harm to our citizens and destroy our way of life. So we mus...Read More

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Virginia’s First District is privileged to have both a rich military history as well as a strong military presence.

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Our nation's veterans deserve our unequivocal commitment to ensuring that they receive the disability, health, education and other benefits they have earned.

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Reforming Congress

In this session of Congress, I have introduced two pieces of legislation to bring new accountability to Congress.

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Federal Employees

I am proud to represent the tens of thousands of federal employees and retirees who live in Virginia's First District.

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Debt & Deficit

I am deeply frustrated with the spending habits in Washington.

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One of the most significant issues facing this nation is illegal immigration.

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Healthcare is a complex and important issue facing our country.

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Transportation is an issue that affects all of us.

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Family Values

As a member of the Values Action Team, I will continue to support pro-life, pro-family legislation.

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Taxes & Economy

I believe the U.S. tax code is overly-complex and can be very frustrating.

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I spent more than two decades as a shellfish specialist monitoring water quality and environmental health issues in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Energy fuels our cars, powers our homes and sustains America's high standard of living.

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Congress annually considers several appropriations measures, which provide funding for numerous activities...

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America’s education system is important for promoting our economic security and ensuring our democracy.

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  • Aye H.J.Res. 43 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of t...
  • Yea H.J.Res. 69 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of t...
  • Yea H.J.Res. 42 Disapproving the rule submitted by the Department of Labor r...
  • Yea H.J.Res. 66 Disapproving the rule submitted by the Department of Labor r...
  • Yea H.J.Res. 67 Disapproving the rule submitted by the Department of Labor r...
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Rep. Rob Wittman

A larger fleet for the Navy will better allow us to deter our adversaries, support our allies, and respond to threats around the globe #VA01

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Rep. Rob Wittman

In case you missed it over the weekend via @Daily_Press US Rep Rob Wittman to helm #Navy plan for larger fleet #VA01

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Rep. Rob Wittman

RT @defense_news: Interview: Rep. Rob Wittman, the latest in a line of influential chairmen

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