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The weather in our region has been a bit temperamental in recent weeks as winter continues to run its course, but that doesn’t mean the outdoors are completely off limits. Recently, I was thrilled to join the Quantico Injured Military Sportsmen Association in hosting a number of wounded warriors in Westmoreland County for a waterfowl hunt. These individuals embody the courage and selflessness shown by all members of our armed services, and they are a reminder of the need for Congress to effectively provide for our servicemen and women both as they serve and when they return home. It was an honor for me to spend time with them enjoying our bountiful outdoors. 

The 114th Congress is just getting going in Washington. A few weeks ago, the White House released the president’s budget proposal. This is the first step of the annual budget process, and I am eager for the House to put forth its own budget proposal. As you may know, I have introduced a bill called the No Budget, No Pay Act, which would prohibit members of Congress from being paid if their respective chamber has not passed a budget resolution by April 15.

While listening to the president’s recent State of the Union Address, I was greatly concerned that he failed to mention the importance of staving off the automatic defense budget cuts approaching later this year known as the sequester. I am pleased that the Administration’s budget proposal does recognize the need to restore funding to readiness accounts, but I am not encouraged by the means with which the president aims to accomplish this. The president seems too set on raising taxes and expanding spending programs without ever balancing the budget. I believe that we must get on path to a balanced budget, and we must pass comprehensive tax reform to create a fair, balanced code that encourages savings, investment, and economic growth.

Above all, Congress and the president must work together to find responsible mechanisms for preventing these astronomical defense cuts from taking place. Our defense budget has already been hit with an unbalanced set of drastic cuts in recent years, and our military leaders have sounded the alarm that our force will be devastated if the sequester is allowed to take place. These cuts would also have a terrible impact on the capabilities and spirit of our federal civilian workers, who have already been forced to undergo years of uncertainty as the government has lurched from one funding crisis to another. I reiterated my commitment to returning to regular budget order at an annual conference of the American Federation of Government Employees last week. I’m proud to represent the many current and retired federal employees who call the First District home, and as Chairman of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee, I will continue to work with my colleagues to stave off the sequester and return to a consistent budgeting schedule.

The main streets of Virginia’s First District are full of ideas to get our economy back on track, and your feedback is critically important to me as I serve you. I can be reached by telephone at (202) 225-4261, through my website (, on Facebook (, and via Twitter (



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