December 19,2019
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Wittman Votes to Advance USMCA

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Wittman voted in favor of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act to advance the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) – a replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Ratifying the USMCA has been a major priority of both Congressional Republicans and President Trump in 2019.

“I was proud to finally cast my vote today to advance the USMCA. Ratifying this agreement is absolutely critical to the First District and entire Commonwealth; over 13,000 jobs in Virginia depend on manufacturing exports to Canada and Mexico,” Wittman said. “Accounting for nearly a quarter of all exports from Virginia, trade with our northern and southern partners is necessary for continued job creation and growth here at home. By increasing duty-free access of the world-class agricultural products we create in the Commonwealth and improving outdated policies, the USMCA improves the financial position of all Virginians.”

Passing the USMCA trade deal will be a major boost for our economy, and will provide more than 176,000 new jobs, which is a huge win for American workers. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, twelve million American jobs rely on trade with Mexico and Canada. Mexico and Canada together represent a $500 billion export market for the U.S. as they buy one-third of the goods America exports, plus tens of billions of dollars more in services.

“The USMCA will build upon the great economic success created by GOP tax reform and will act as a major victory for American workers,” Wittman said. “This vote was long overdue; House Republicans have been urging Speaker Pelosi to bring this measure to the floor for months. Instead, the House Democrat majority wasted months on a purely partisan impeachment inquiry. Although delayed, I’m thrilled we were able to get this done for the American people.”


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